the house that jane built

The House That Jane Built by Tanya Lee Stone

Henry Holt / Christy Ottaviano Books

Ever since she was a little girl, Jane Addams hoped to help people in need. She wanted to create a place where people could find food, work and community. In 1889, she chose a house in a run-down neighborhood and turned it into Hull House—a settlement home—soon adding a playground, kindergarten, and a public bath. By 1907, Hull House included thirteen buildings. And by the early 1920s, more than nine thousand people visited Hull House each week. The dreams of a smart, caring girl had become a reality. And the lives of hundreds of thousands of people were transformed when they stepped into the house that Jane Addams built.

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quite contrary man

The Quite Contrary Man by Patricia Rusch Hyatt

Harry N. Abrams

In early-nineteenth-century New England, folks considered a clean chin a sign of godliness. Born into this buttoned-up, strict society, Joseph Palmer stood out from childhood as someone who liked to do things his own way. Narrated with the charm of a tall tale, this true story celebrates the long American history of nonconformity and encourages children to question social rules they may take for granted.

Muledred by Kathryn Brown

Harcourt Childrens Books

Muledred has a big problem-she's always late for school, which always gets her in trouble with Master Skinner, the schoolmaster, much to the amusement of the class. Just when it seems Muledred can never learn to be on time, she manages to turn the timetables on her teasing schoolmates in this lighthearted book.


old woman who named things

The Old Woman Who Named Things by Cynthia Rylant

HMH Books for Young Readers

How does an old woman who has outlived all her friends keep from being lonely? By naming the things in her life she knows she will never outlive--like her house, Franklin, and her bed, Roxanne. When a shy brown puppy appears at her front gate, the old woman won’t name it, because it might not outlive her. Tender watercolors capture the charm of this heartwarming story of an old woman who doesn’t know she’s lonely until she meets a plucky puppy who needs a name--and someone to love.
nora's chicks jacket

Nora’s Chicks by Patricia MacLachlan

Candlewick Press

Nora and her family have just arrived from Russia and are making a new home on the American frontier. The prairie is very different from the forested hills Nora is used to. Most of all, it’s lonely. Papa has the cows he sings to as he milks them. Baby brother Milo has a dog to follow him wherever he goes. But Nora has no one and nothing to call her own until Papa brings home a dozen chicks and two geese. Nora names each one, and they follow her everywhere — even to church! But what will happen when one of her beloved chicks goes missing?


Tough Boris by Mem Fox

HMH Books for Young Readers

Boris von der Borch is a mean, greedy old pirate--tough as nails, through and through, like all pirates. Or is he? When a young boy sneaks onto Boris's ship, he discovers that Boris and his mates aren't quite what he expected.

"Resisting the temptation to reveal everything, author and illustrator instead give imaginative children something much better - a picture book that luxuriates in pure possibility.  -The New York Times Book Review 


My Little Grandmother Often Forgets by Reeve Lindbergh

Candlewick Press

Sometimes Tom’s grandmother forgets the way home from the market, or that Tom’s name is Tom and not Roy. But Tom doesn’t mind. He loves to help his grandmother and just spend time with her. The special bond between a beloved grandmother affected by memory loss and her devoted grandson is described in Reeve Lindbergh’s most personal book for children, one that is based on her own and her son’s relationship with her mother in the last years of her life. Kathryn Brown’s watercolor illustrations tenderly capture the unique characters — and the love that is universal.


kisses on the wind

Kisses on the Wind by Lisa Moser


The wagon is packed, and Mama and Papa are ready to begin the long journey to Oregon, but Lydia isn’t ready to say good-bye to Grandma. Who will braid Lydia’s hair each morning and tell her stories? Who will build boats with her made of twigs and leaves? How can you possibly say good-bye to someone you love so very much? Set in the time of the great westward expansion, this poignant story speaks to every reader who has ever been parted from someone he or she holds dear. It tells of a love that is big enough to span impossible distances — yet small enough to be carried inside our hearts.


the littlest matryoshka

The Littlest Matryoshka by Corinne Demas Bliss


Nina, the smallest of a group of Russian nesting dolls, is separated from her sisters and swept along on a dangerous journey that eventually brings her back home.


when moon fell down

When Moon Fell Down by Linda Smith


Moon fell down one night...
Fell upon a farmer's lawn,
Rolled about in sheer delight
On fields he'd only shined upon.

When Moon falls down one night, he and an adventure-minded cow roan up hills and down, wander through city streets, and finally return back home at dawn. A joyous and lyrical romp, this picture book captures the magic and wonder of seeing familiar things in a whole new way.


eeny meeny miney mole

Eeny, Meeny, Miney Mole by Jane Yolen

Harcourt Childrens Books

Curious Eeny mole leaves her sisters, Meeny and Miney, and emerges from their dark hole home to the world up above, where she discovers the marvels of spring.


a bear for all seasons

A Bear For All Seasons by Diane Fuchs

Henry Holt and Co.

Pull up a chair, pour a mug of hot cocoa and enter the debate between easygoing Bear, who delights in each season, and his good friend Fox, who sees only the mud, the mosquitoes, or the cold winds.


old thunder miss raney

Old Thunder and Miss Raney by Sharon Darrow


Blue-ribbon fun!

"Raney, dear, not everyone can be a winner," teases Beatrice Clover. It's true that Miss Raney and her plodding old horse, Thunder, have never won a single prize at the Washita County Fair. This year Raney is determined to present those judges with the finest stack of biscuits they could ever hope to taste- and win that blue ribbon. But then Raney has more troubles than she can shake a spoon at. Her biscuits burn. Fiddle-dee-dee! Her flour bin is empty. Horsefeathers! A bad storm is brewing and she needs to get to the store fast- but Old Thunder just clop-clop-thunk-thunks along. Still, Miss Raney is mighty determined. Can she and her faithful friend, Old Thunder, find a way to become winners at last? Told in a folksy down-home voice and illustrated in exuberant watercolors, this spirited tale just goes to show that with a little luck, a lot of pluck, and a good friend, dreams can come true. Yes, indeedy!

stella's dancing days

Stella’s Dancing Days by Sandy Asher

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

A tender family story that will dance into your heart.
Stella is a kitten who loves to dance. But as she grows up, Stella dances less and less. Has she lost her passion for pirouettes and pliés? Or is she just busy with other things, like stalking bugs, soaking up the sunshine—and finding a quiet place to have her kittens?
With warmth and charm that recalls the best-loved classics of children's literature, Stella's story of growing up is perfect for families to share.


climb into my lap

Climb into my Lap by Lee Bennett Hopkins

Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers

Climb Into My Lap is the perfect poetry book to share with young children. Here are funny poems and story poems, rhymes to go with finger games, and verses to evoke the imaginative worlds of make-believe. Here, too, are poems that speak directly to youngsters about their budding independence, as poets explore everything from the instant a child declares "See, I can do it all myself" to a range of favorite "Secret Places." Most of all, here are poems about children's special relationships with family and friends. 


from lullaby to lullaby

From Lullaby to Lullaby by Adele Geras

Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers

A mother sings as she knits a blanket for her daughter: "Follow the yarns/as the yarns unwind./ What do you find?/What do you find?" And her daughter follows the yarns from the real world to a magical dream world and back again in this magnificent bedtime book. Joined by her rocking horse and her giant stuffed bunny, the girl has an unforgettable nighttime adventure. They rescue a bear whose plane has crashed, sail under the ocean to visit the King of the Sea and his mermaid daughter, and eventually float home to bed. Adele Geras's lyrical poem is a soothing story, and Kathryn Brown's lush art adds rich, fascinating details to the tale. This is a lullaby children will want to hear again and again and one to inspire their own dreamy fantasies.


mama loves

Mama Loves by Rebecca Kai Dotlich


Dancing in slippers.
Teapots of tea.
Reading the paper
and mornings with me!

Mama always finds ways to share life's moments big and small with all her little ones. Tenderly illustrated by award-winning artist Kathryn Brown, mama loves will strike a chord with every child who loves being loved by Mama.



grandpa loves

Grandpa Loves by Rebecca Kai Dotlich


These are the things a Grandpa loves:

Baseball and billboards.
Tales of the sea.
Flipping the pancakes and being with me!

Grandpa always finds the time to share what he loves with his little ones. In a perfect companion book to Mama Loves, Rebecca Kai Dotlich and Kathryn Brown have once again teamed up to create a tender ode to the special times between Grandpa and Grandchild.